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Ladies and Gentlemen

Tradition, modernity, quality and love for what you do – this is the briefest way to describe the philosophy of MADO Systemy. We are the sole representative of renowned global producers of modern solutions in the field of optimization of technological lines and quality control devices. We provide technologically advanced devices of German companies, leaders in their field such as WIPOTEC-OCS, Langguth, SICK, Mesutronic and BDEV. We specialize in comprehensive service related to the proper functioning of quality control of the production process for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, chemical, transport and logistics industries.

We are a family company with 25 years of experience, many implementations, also “tailor made”. I personally manage the company, selecting highly qualified and committed staff. The goal of the MADO Systemy team is to contribute to the success of our client. We are able to adapt technological solutions to your needs. Our team of professional, motivated employees will advise and help you in even the most complex and unusual matters. We take up difficult challenges, complex projects, we are flexible and respond to your individual needs.
We base our activities on the acquired knowledge and extensive experience in implementing various projects and the skills to properly use the latest technologies. Innovative solutions are our passion. We closely follow the latest solutions appearing on the market that not only improve the production process, but also reduce its costs and minimize risks.

We focus on simple and clear rules of cooperation, which means efficient customer service, fast delivery and delivery times. We not only help in implementation, we also provide extensive knowledge regarding the functioning of proven solutions tailored to the stage of automation of our client. We surround him with support and care for the next years, providing advisory, warranty and maintenance services.

Combining innovative ideas with efficient project management, we create functional and economically effective solutions for years that will allow you to achieve the desired effects and benefits, and us – satisfaction.
We invite you to cooperation,

Grażyna Domańska,
President of MADO Systemy

History and facts

In 1996 I set up a company under the name Mado Grażyna Domańska, the legal form, fast growth rate and the range of products and services offered turn out to be insufficient in the dynamically changing market and in the sea of the needs of Polish clients who are developing and catching up after years of communism in very fast pace...

I establish with the family Mado Systemy Sp. z o.o., an European company. We gain new markets and further industries, we fill the Polish market with our devices, the need for the highest quality after-sales service is growing...

I found another family business, Mado Systemy Sp. z o.o. sp.k., which takes over the sales function, leaving its sister company fully focused on after-sales service to hundreds of customers on the Polish market and in the Baltic countries.

This is how I created a network of companies whose common feature is my person, principles, customer care, family atmosphere and a warm, friendly approach to business, together with a group of dedicated employees, some of whom took their first steps in business in the 90s together with me, we plan to be with You as long as you need us.