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Mado Systemy & Verifarma offers integral serialisation solutions in Poland

The NEUCA Group is the largest pharmaceuticals distributor and an important manufacturer of such products. As an experienced manufacturer of pharmaceutical preparations Neuca keeps the highest European safety and quality standards, so the products are in pharmaceutical quality.


Mado Systemy supports LEK-AM with serialisation

Target successfully reached We would like to briefly describe how the combined teams of MADO SYSTEMY and LEK-AM companies developed as a project team. Goal was a comprehensive implementation of serialisation of medical products in accordance with the requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). We’ve covered a four production lines in a modern […]


In search of operating efficiency post Serialization

Just over a year ago since the implementation of the European order against drugs counterfeiting, the industry is still struggling with productivity levels.


Achieving global UDI compliance with WIPOTEC-OCS

As in the case of serialization regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, UDI compliance for medical device manufacturers is soon to become a global matter. Following the EU UDI regulations for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices, more countries have already issued guidance or a draft of their own localized UDI requirements. Here are just […]


Serialization and aggregation in Russia from 2020

Mado Systemy together with WIPOTEC-OCS is ready for the scenario with a large signature containing 88 characters.


Serialization in Small and Medium Pharma Company

Serialization in Small and Medium Pharma Comapny: How to get ready for European FMD from the software point of view?