In search of operating efficiency post Serialization

Just over a year ago since the implementation of the European order against drugs counterfeiting, the industry is still struggling with productivity levels.


Achieving global UDI compliance with WIPOTEC-OCS

As in the case of serialization regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, UDI compliance for medical device manufacturers is soon to become a global matter. Following the EU UDI regulations for medical devices and in vitro diagnostic devices, more countries have already issued guidance or a draft of their own localized UDI requirements. Here are just […]


Serialization and aggregation in Russia from 2020

Mado Systemy together with WIPOTEC-OCS is ready for the scenario with a large signature containing 88 characters.


Serialization in Small and Medium Pharma Company

Serialization in Small and Medium Pharma Comapny: How to get ready for European FMD from the software point of view?