Product portfolio for precise
weighing when we know the set weight

Checkweighers are highly precise measuring instruments that have become an integral part of today‘s industrial manufacturing processes. Almost every branch proceeds from the premise that combining high precision with the maximum possible throughput rates will maximise profit. Whereas underfilled products may lead to costly recalls and irreparable damage to your reputation, overfilling of products will have a negative effect on your productivity data. The highly precise weight measurement of your products is clearly a decisive factor in terms of the quality of your production. Moreover, it is a criterion that affects your long-term market position.

20 years of experience as a supplier of dynamic weighing and inspection systems has provided MADO Systemy the knowledge of what criteria are needed to produce a top quality product range. For that reason, OCS checkweighers have the flexibility and the variety of product configurations to enable a perfect customisation for your individual application needs. The checkweighers from OCS possess outstanding technology combined in a hygienic design (from the standard model to the fully hygienic variant), which consistently measures up to the stringent requirements of the food industry. Beyond pure weight value determination, these checkweighers optimize your production processes with robust, high-tech machines that are simple to operate and quick and easy to clean. Outstanding precision is achieved through the use of EMFR Weigh Cell technology.

To maximize product safety, OCS checkweighers can be combined in a compact design with additional inspection devices such as metal detectors or x-ray scanners. The compact weighing and inspection systems from OCS Checkweighers are easily integrated in existing production lines. They are characterised by their safety, durability, and dependability – for you, the practical and perfect technology investment for a prosperous future.