Product portfolio for precise capture
and registration of product weight

Legalized catchweighers are designed for precise weighing results at higher throughput speeds and heavy loads. The scales have been specially taken into account in the needs of logistics sector and at the same time they have the possibility of integration with existing transport lines as well as with inbound lines and packages stations.

The dynamic catchweigher is designs not only by working with a large number of products but also by working in Start/Stop mode. Various dimensions of the device guarantee optimal integration with the transportation system. In addition, it is possible to adjust the transport rollers with millimetre accuracy, what ensures a smooth flow of products.

To expand the catchweigher range, it is possible to set up a labelling machine, scanner or dimensioning system that all together creates a DWS system. The option of integrating the scale with external terminals as well as with various interfaces makes it a great offer for the customer